For years, I’ve followed a site called lesbianfamily, which was spearheaded by folks I knew (virtually) way back when there were hardly any queer families on the internet (well, at least compared to now).

That site has recently undergone a renaissance, and is now VillageQ. They’re expanding beyond their original voices from (obviously) lesbian families with a goal of including all kinds of queer families. They recently invited us to cross-post there, are now including a few trans dads in their regular writer rotation, and are genuinely interested in broadening the included voices much further (to my eye, more input from trans women and dads would be great additions).

Much of queer parenting space is dominated by lesbian parents, so I’m very happy to see this community actively looking to broaden the conversation. If you have something to say, consider dropping them a line (you can submit guest posts here: and you can submit your own site to their blog directory here: