Before bed last night, Leigh picked one of our favorite books, “The Great Big Book of Families.” This is one of the loveliest books we’ve found explaining not just various family forms (including queer), but also differences between families across the board, in a lighthearted-but-not-trite way. There are big and small families, families that bike, families that drive, families that wear nice clothes or those that prefer not to dress up, families with big houses and even families without houses, families that like to talk about their feelings and those that are more private…and the illustrations cover way more ground than that (including being disability-inclusive, which several other books of this stripe are not).

Tonight, when we opened to the inside cover, that includes, among other things, stick figure drawings of many different family configurations, Leigh said “Wait wait! I have to find us! Sheesh…Aba…there are hardly any families in here like our family! I CANNOT find any that are a mom and a dad and two kids! Oh wait…this one, this has a mom and dad and a boy and a girl, but they have different colors of skin…but that’s OK, they are still like us. You know, I used to always look for the two-mom families but now I know you are a man so now I look for mom and dad families.”

This kid is awesome.