A few recent snippets of conversation in our house:


Ira (age 3): Ima, you said I could listen to an indigo girls song.

Gail: OK, here you go (fiddles with ipod, turns on “closer to fine”).

Ira: That is not indigo girls.

Gail: Yes it is.

Ira: No, it really isn’t.

Gail: This is the indigo girls. I have been listening to the indigo girls since before you were born, since I was just a wee young lesbian, since before I was a lesbian…oh…which I’m not anymore…


Ira demonstrating a lot of flexibility with parental monikers:

Gail: Do you like to say Aba or Mama?

Ira: I like to say Aba. (now turning to his grandmother, who he calls Baba). You know Baba, Mama lets me call him Papa sometimes.


6 year-old Leigh demonstrating great faith in HRT and extensive knowledge of donor conception:

Leigh: You already had a baby, and Ima already had a baby, so once you change your body more to a boy body, well, then how about you give some of your sperm to a sperm bank to help someone like a two-mom family that doesn’t have any sperm to have a baby. That would just be really nice. Do you think you’re going to do that?

(I then clarified that “that medicine I might take” is not quite as powerful as she thought)