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At this point Ezekiel is Ezekiel (as opposed to his old name of Lyn) when we are at home and when we are with a few select friends. This has been good overall, and I’ve been feeling much more comfortable calling him Ezekiel and using male pronouns. This was hard and awkward at first, but has gotten easier and easier. Now the trouble is not with his new name and pronouns, but with the old. Much of the time, I still have to call him Lyn and use female pronouns. I talk to and/or email with people every day who he is not out to, and it is weird every time I have to call him Lyn. I try to avoid using that name and avoid using the wrong pronouns as much as I can, but it’s not always possible. So I pretty much live my life feeling kind of awkward about talking about my spouse. It’s spread now to the kids, and I sometimes have to pause and check with myself if I’m calling them the right names and using the right pronouns.