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Ezekiel received some great wisdom from his sister last night. Ezekiel’s father talked to his sister recently about the whole gender situation and said something about it being really complicated. She countered that actually it maybe isn’t that complicated at all, it may be as simple as being just what Ezekiel has reported, that he’s really unsure of his gender right now.

Now it would seem to me that as time marches on, Ezekiel becomes more sure of his gender. And I know that he and his parents have many confusing and complex emotions about his gender. But in the end I’m loving his sisters attitude. It’s not actually complicated. Whether he ends up deciding that he is a man, or that he doesn’t really identify clearly as a man or a woman, it’s not that complicated. We all make it complicated when we get tied up in knots around it.

We had a lovely fathers day yesterday, and I was very happy as the kids gave him cards and a sun-catcher made by Leigh at school. We all spent the day calling him Aba and Mama. He was referred to as “he” and as “she.” Nobody was confused, although we are all sometimes calling him several different things and tripping over our words. He sometimes gets called “MamaAba” which makes him kind of happy. But when we all have some peace being where we all really are, it’s not complicated at all, even if the whole world would tell us that it really should be. We just accept him as he is and accept ourselves as we are. And that is both simple and lovely.