Many many months ago, inspired by this post at breaking into blossom, we placed a call for more birth stories from the perspective of the non-birthing parent and promised to write our own.

The birth stories that resulted from that call (that we know of) were absolutely amazing. I hadn’t realized when we encouraged writing (and promised that we would) what a challenge it would be to write deeply from my own perspective as a non-birthing parent, and the act of both reading and writing about that experience, less as reporter, and more as participant, was profound. Gail and I both came away with new insights into the births of both of our kids.

So I really wanted to do an awesome round up post. I wanted to respond individually to each story, pull out and analyze themes, really do justice to the amazing work.

Thus I set the bar too high, and never actually did it (one of the best ways to get me not to write something is for me to promise to write it….I should know that by now).

But all of these stories stand on their own, and thus don’t need my help anyway. So, in case you missed any, and yes, these are now all now many many months old, here are the birth stories that I know of that resulted, at least in part, from that call (or at least came out around the same time), all of which contain a very central, clear and honest voice of the non-birthing parent, in this case all queer moms, but I think any non-birthing parent present at birth can get a lot out of these stories as well. Did we miss yours? Drop us a line at firsttimesecondtime at gmail.

Parenting Cricket:

Footnotes on the Family Tree:

Breaking into Blossom:

Insert Metaphor:

And in case you missed them here, Gail’s version of Ira’s birth:

And my version of Leigh’s birth:’s-birth-ngp-part-i/