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Also, I should say that this week Lyn/Ezekiel did the following:

  • Told sister some of the gender stuff going on. This sister also supported Lyn/Ezekiel’s decision to talk to parents.
  • Told parents gender stuff, including that she/he doesn’t really know exactly what is up and that medical transition and living as a man are theoretical possibilities
  • Had a therapist appointment and decided to do weekly appointments at least for a while.

Each and every one of these is crazy huge. The evening after the therapist visit I had a bratty fit when Lyn/Ezekiel wouldn’t discuss heteronormativity with me for longer than a half-hour and was sobbing before I realized that I was just finally feeling a whole bunch of feelings after holding my breath for the two weeks since the therapy appointment was made. Lyn/Ezekiel likes the therapist, which is awesome and makes me feel better that someone else is watching out for them.