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In my ruminations about identity, I recently got a nice comment about labels giving us a sense of comfort. There is a much happening in my life in and in my relationship right now that is really awesome, but lots of that same stuff is scary and difficult to wrap my head around.

So part of me does want to find that place of comfort and get my comfortable life back. Then there’s another part of me that’s just happy to be doing this exciting work with Lyn/Ezekiel. And there’s yet another part of me that using Lyn/Ezekiel’s experiences and struggles to distract myself from really engaging with my other issues and dreams.

So maybe I think I need to realize that I have lots of comfortable places in my life right now, and I need to be using those places of comfort to give me space to both engage in this stuff with Lyn/Ezekiel and engage in my own work and dreams. (And I wish that Lyn/Ezekiel had a space of comfort of his own right now.)