Lyn and I were deep in conversation a couple of days ago about an academic article I was reading on lesbian non-bio moms. Suddenly Leigh cuts in.

“Excuse me! Excuse me!” Leigh shouts.

“What Leigh?” I ask in a fairly exasperated tone because the conversation was really good.

“I want to be in the conversation.”

Here I was really tempted to say, “No, Leigh, you don’t have to know everything,” because for heaven’s sake the girl wants to be a part of every conversation. It gets a little old. But instead I paused, realized that the conversation had a lot to do with her, and said, “OK, Leigh, what do you want to say.”

Pause. “What are you guys talking about?”

“Well, we’re talking about how some people aren’t sure that you can really be a mom if you didn’t give birth. Mama gave birth to Ira and not me, so some people might say I’m not really his mom.”

“That’s not true! You are Ira’s mom just like Mama is my mom.”

“Well, how do you know that Mama is your mom and I am Ira’s mom?”

“Because Mama helped to catch me when I was born and you helped Ira to be born.”

“So it’s partially because we both helped each of you to be born. How else can you tell someone is a mom? What does a mom do?”

“Well, a mom feeds a baby a bottle or nurses it, changes diapers, and wears a baby on her back and you do all those things and Mama did all of that for me.” Then Leigh gave Lyn a nice hug.

Enough said. Could we be any prouder?