I always get a little thrill when I find someone writing about being a lesbian non-bio-mom (for the time being, let’s decide we actually agree on what to call us); not just the “my kid is cute and amazing” writing, but the stuff about what it’s really like, about what’s great, surprising or hard.

Thus, I was thrilled when a commenter here started her own blog a while back at http://equalmommy.blogspot.com/.

I’m particularly fond of this post that gets at some of what is awesome and empowering on this path of motherhood, and this post about how those resemblance comments sure can rankle.

I was also excited to find Family Squared, by a mom who carried twins, and is now expecting a third child, via her partner. For the obvious reason, I have a huge soft spot for two-mom families in which both moms carry, especially ones where it might have taken a little extra openness and commitment to make it happen (it doesn’t sound like this family had third kid or switching uteri in their initial plans, but it’s possible I’m wrong about that). She’s giving some great insights into what it’s like to blaze the first-bio-then-non-bio trail. She writes a great post here weighing the pros and cons of re-lactating, and here is a glimpse into those early days with a pregnant partner who disappears into first-trimester-land.

I’m thrilled to see MamaDeux over at Mama Karma sticking with the insightful writing post-baby after doing such a nice job documenting non-bio-mom pregnancy. I loved this and this recently about parenting in front of the in-laws.

I’m also excited to see what we’ll get to read now from Olive over at Insert Metaphor, now that she and Fern are finally out of the gate with a very long awaited pregnancy. I know they aspire to switching up down the line, so I’m hoping for lots of interesting documentation and notes to compare!

When we were expecting Leigh, there was nowhere near this much good stuff out there. I would have been absolutely beside myself to find so much writing like this back then. In fact, when we set out to write here, it was largely to write what we wished we could have read ourselves. So please, keep those fabulous posts coming. There’s not much published out there about what this is really like, and even among the two-mom bloggers, us non-bio-moms are heavily in the minority, so it’s up to us to forge the trail, think, document and share. If you are out there somewhere writing about this path and we missed you, please touch base (we really do read that e-mail on the right if you’re too shy to comment). And even if you aren’t writing, we always love hearing from readers.