We’re about to head off to visit family, likely continuing our current radio silence, so I wanted to get a few updates out in the meantime:

  • Ira is now well settled in at daycare (he goes the same place as Leigh, both 3 days a week).  He’s the baby in the group of 12, but is keeping up with the big kids.  It took a while, but he eventually decided that it wasn’t just a place where they steal and torture babies, and might actually be fun.
  • As both of the kids are getting older, it is an absolute pleasure to see their relationship develop.  There are more and more pockets of time where they actually play together.  So far, despite occasional annoyances, they both clearly love each other to pieces and enjoy each others company.
  • We’ve now gone on two kindergarten tours.  Yes.  Kindergarten.  I can’t believe Leigh will be in school next year.  We were beyond thrilled with the tour at our neighborhood school, a mere four blocks away.  Our town has a “lottery” where you get some preference for neighborhood but can choose any of 10 schools in the city and are not guaranteed a slot at your local school.  Our local school is good, but not the most sought after school in town, and in recent years everyone who has wanted a slot there has gotten it, so we’re quite hopeful we won’t have to be too nervous about the process.
  • Ira is talking more and more.  He now refers to all candles (and sometimes Christmas lights) as “Ba Ba!”, which we’re fairly certain comes from “Shabbat,” and very sweetly covers his eyes, as if every single candle in the whole world is a shabbat candle.
  • As we implied earlier, we’ve now nudged open the door to contact with donor sibling families.  Most of that is not public blog fodder at this point, but do know that it’s not nearly as scary as we once thought it might be, and has only been positive.  It’s delightful to see these kids who are connected to our kids, and we’ve been pleased as punch with the other parents who apparently had similar taste in sperm.