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I’ve realized lately that I am enjoying much more snuggling and physical affection with Ira than I did with Leigh at the same age. There might be lots of reasons for this including my flawed memory and the differences between the two kids. But it also occurred to me yesterday that it might be due in part to the fact that I am not nursing Ira.

Nursing a baby is a bit like going out with someone who is just trying to get you into the sack. When Leigh was nursing, boobs were on her mind constantly. If she got too close to them she opened wide for a snack. And that non-stop physical need can give you that back-off-and-give-me-some-space-here feeling. I enjoyed the physical connection of nursing, but I also felt the burden of that connection.

With Ira I feel very free. I cuddle him, rough house on the floor with him, and give him lots of kisses. He lays on my chest without groping me. We touch and snuggle when we both want to, rather than when he needs to.

As I said, this might just be a function of my creative memory and the fact that Ira is a different baby than Leigh was. I can’t know for sure if nursing is a component unless we have several more babies and I split them up into control and experimental groups. But I have my suspicions. I’d love to hear from other folks on this topic. Any other nursers or former nursers feel similar reactions to the physical demands of nursing? Any non-nursers feel that freedom of affection?