We’ve been short on deep thoughts here at FTST lately. For this I blame two things 1) My grant deadline on Wednesday and 2) Cleaning for Pesach. Why is it such a surprise every year?

However, there are three things that have made our lives a little better lately:

  • We are now proud owners of a dishwasher. It is the portable variety, and Gail did a masterful job of not only finding a great one (Energy Star even!) on Craigslist, but also arranging for delivery, since (a) pre-pregnancy I posessed the bulk of available upper body strength in our relationship and I’m not currently permitted to use it extensively and (b) we don’t have a car, and renting a truck to pick things up is a giant pain, especially when we also have to rustle up muscle. After a week, we LOVE the dishwasher. Now we just have to figure out if it can be appropriately cleaned for passover.
  • After agonizing for months over the decision of what mattress to buy Leigh, in an attempt not to give her horrible diseases with off-gassing, I willy-nilly impulse purchased a presumably horribly toxic memory foam mattress pad for our bed, and couldn’t be happier. It is very squishy and my hips are much much happier. It is still stinky of lots of chemicals and I don’t care. I’ll take the sleep.
  • I finally got one of those exercise balls that are cheap if you call them “yoga balls” but expensive if you call them “birth balls.” My hips are liking that too. It does make dinner a little interesting (or actually, a little boring for everyone else), since I sit there rocking back and forth and spacing out.

And now for a Leigh update. She’s really getting this baby thing, and informed me yesterday that the baby needed to come out of my belly button. Now. I took the opportunity to tell her where the baby was really going to come out, and she found that pretty interesting. We’ll see what she repeats at daycare. She’s also worried that the baby might be cold, and went to get one of her blankets for it, and says that I’d better rest after the baby comes out because I’ll be tired. She’s still thinking about whether or not the baby will be invited to her birthday.