Recently, it has become quite clear that the person who should really be giving advice in our family is Leigh. Two recent incidents:

1) Gail is picking up Leigh after work and mentions something about feeling hungry. Leigh quickly launches into “You need to eat lunch at work, Ima. You be crabby if you no eat lunch.” Rinse. Repeat. All the way home. And ever so true.

2) A few days ago we had a rushed evening and were both bustling around to try to get dinner on the table in time to eat together before Leigh’s bedtime. I, however, hadn’t eaten since lunch (bad idea given how hungry I am these days). I finally decided to give up on a well-timed dinner and sit down to eat some crackers instead of pushing through and making everyone else miserable in my desperation for food. As I sat down, Leigh said “Mama, you just do what you need to do, and don’t whine about it.”