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I requested several queer pregnancy and parenting books from the library, in anticipation of trying to do a few book reviews around here, and we did a lot of (re)reading over last weekend.

Hopefully actual reviews will follow, but what I wanted to write today is that I am so absolutely honored and delighted to have a wife who gets just as riled up as I do, perhaps even more so (smoke coming out of her ears, eyes bugging out, talking louder and louder and louder) when she reads a paragraph like this, in which the author, a lesbian mom who birthed her daughter, is justifying why she will not permit her partner a second parent adoption:

“After all, I am still the baby’s mother. She sprang from me; she is of me and my body…I asked her to come, and kept trying till she did…While my partner has a big influence on Frances, she is not “of” her. Frances did not grow in her belly, did not share her body. She did not push out of her cooch. She did not suckle at her breast. She was created by me, nurtured by me, and is of me. This is not something that can be denied. And if I ever want to move across the world and take the baby with me, I don’t want anyone telling me I can’t. Ever.”

Excerpted from “Beyond the White Picket Fence” by Rachel Pepper, from the collection “Home Fronts: Controversies in Non-traditional Parenting” edited by Jess Wells