This morning we got up at 5:45 so that Lyn could pee in a cup. It’s only 10 dpo 11 dpo (see comments), but Lyn has to turn in FSA forms today, and we wanted to know if we should put in more money for IUIs. Lyn peed and dipped, and 3 or 4 minutes later asked me if I would look. “Tell me right away, though,” she said. I walked cautiously over to the dresser, and things looked pretty negative from far away, but you never know. So I peered in close. Were my eyes deceiving me? I had to pause for a minute because you don’t want to say something like this and have to take it back a moment later. Now, you’ve all seen negative pregnancy tests and they are quite rudely white and blank where you hope a line will be. You can stare and stare, but you can’t even pretend there’s a line. This one instead had a pale purple shadow of a line. “It’s really light,” I said, “but that’s a line.”

I brought the stick over to Lyn and we goggled at it. Then Lyn said, “Well, this is good because no matter what happens at least we know that I can get an egg fertilized.” So I replied, “Do you know what this line means? It means you are pregnant. With a baby.” So we decided to pull out the “free” digital pregnancy test that came with the I-can’t-believe-they-cost-that-much digital OPKs. Lyn remarked that it probably wouldn’t show positive, because it’s probably less sensitive (see, I told you she was pessimistic!). Our first baby was crying from her crib for Mama, so I went and got her up while Lyn played with her pee some more.

A minute or so later a yelp from Lyn told me that we had another positive. We’re having a baby! If the little blastocyst (actually now officially an embryo, but we’ve taken to affectionately calling it “B”) sticks around, we’ll have another June arrival.

I finally convinced Leigh to let me pick her up and I carried her into the other room to look at the positive test. “What’s that?” Leigh asked. “That,” I said, “is a test that shows that Ima and Mama are really happy today.”