Just so it’s not all doom-and-gloom, I thought I’d make a post about our two-year-old daughter Leigh (plus we’re still waiting on those pee sticks). Leigh is as cute and aggravating as any toddler, and these days she’s talking about everything. Our favorite Leigh-ism is “whobody,” as in “Whobody outside, Ima?” or “Whobody in a car?”

She has to do everything herself. If you pull up her panties, she screams, pulls them back down and then does it herself. Actually, she’s taken to doing her whole potty ritual herself. First, she pulls her pants and underpants down. Then she has to get her potty seat, so she shuffles over (her pants are around her ankles), gets the potty seat, puts it in backward and laughs. Turns it around. Shuffles over to get the stool and bring it over to the toilet. Scrambles up the stool. Plops down. Commands her helper to sit and perhaps read a book. Then she keeps you informed (in graphic detail) of exactly how things are going.

Speaking of pee, last night we had a big pee incident in our house, and it wasn’t Leigh’s fault. Lyn was doing her usual after-work ritual of peeing in a cup while Leigh was “helping” me with dinner. Lyn shuffles into the bedroom, pee cup in hand, to do her dipping on a larger flat surface than the back of the toilet, when suddenly there’s a loud exclamation of dismay. Lyn has spilled the pee. Chaos ensues as Lyn tries to clean up and Leigh frantically tries to get into the bedroom to see what is going on and “help.” Leigh is instructed that she can’t help right now which results in a huge tantrum. Leigh has a time out as Lyn scrapes pee off the top of our dresser to collect enough to dip one stick. As I said to Lyn later in the evening, something strange has happened to your life if you find yourself trying desperately to scrape as much pee off the top of your dresser as possible. Leigh has since been going on at length and laughing loudly about how “Mama spilled a pee.” We’ll see what they think about that at day care…